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Alembic Series II 5-String Bass - Cracked Ebony Fretboard
This instrument was a beauty, but it had a small crack in the ebony fretboard, next to the truss rod cover. It was for sale on consignment at Kingston's Music, and a buyer had expressed interest, but wanted the crack gone. You can see where the crack was in the first photo. Second photo shows how I taped up the surrounding areas to protect the finish. Then I proceeded to repair the crack. See photos for more.

PHOTO 1: Above you can clearly see the crack in the fretboard between the E and A strings.

PHOTO 2: Above, the guitar was taped off to protect all other areas. Ebony dust seen at right.

PHOTO 3: Above note that ebony dust has been applied in the crack, using a proprietary process. Excess scraped away.

PHOTO 4: Above is the finished job. The crack has "Disappeared". The method I use is permanent, and the crack will never re-appear. Contact me if you have an instrument that needs repair.