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This page features unique barns I have photographed. I have travelled all over the country since 1997, and I find the variety of barns to be fascinating. So in about 2007 or so, I decided to start photographing some of these unique structures.These are some of my favorites. 

BELOW: The below barn photo was taken in central Illinois. This unique barn was found along US Highway 34, on the South side of the road about 9 miles East of Burlington, Iowa. Photo taken May 11, 2013.
BELOW: The below barn is a round barn in Fulton County in Northern Indiana. It is along the West edge of US Highway 31 just north of Rochester, near Richland Center, Indiana.
BELOW: Still in Fulton County Indiana, and about a mile Northeast of the above round barn is this other round barn--on the opposite side of the road (East edge of US Highway 31). Located off Indiana SR-110. Photo taken March 2, 2010.
BELOW:  While travelling across Wisconsin enroute from Appleton to Minneapolis I saw this magnificent barn. It was located just off the North side of US Highway 10, on Fair Haven Road (also called County Line Road)--which is on the Eastern edge of Clark County Wisconsin. Photo taken November 29, 2009.
BELOW:  Just to the West of the Clark County line in Wisconsin, on the South side of US Highway 10, I saw this barn. It was difficult stopping to take the photo, because there was no place to pull off. I actually had to drive past it, come back past it several times before there was no traffic, so that I could stop on the highway to take the shot. Photo taken November 29, 2009.
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