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C.G. Conn Vintage (1976) Hard Shell Acoustic Case
C.G.Conn, better known for Conn brass instruments, made a line of acoustic guitars from 1971 through 1978. They were unique Conn designs, and featured wider bodies (16.25") than a typical Dreadnought (15.88"). This difference made it impossible to buy an aftermarket case that would fit a Conn acoustic guitar. So Conn also made their own cases. They were heavy duty, built like a tank--like everything that Conn makes.
This case came with a model F-15 Conn Acoustic guitar. It was in good condition, but was dirty, and had rusted latches. To remedy this, I cleaned the case all over, then proceeded to remove the rust. I use a great product called "Evapo-Rust". It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and works great. I also used a brass wire brush to remove any stubborn rust.
I then cleaned the surfaces of the latches with 90% alcohol. I always use 90% (it is more expensive) because it is more pure than the more-readily-available 70% alcohol--which contains more water. Alcohol has a tendency to want to absorb water. And since water is a component of rust, eliminating it is key. Also, pain should be applied immediately after cleaning--once all the alcohol is evaporated.
I then masked off all around the latches. I use Frog Tape, because it assures that no paint creeps under the edges.
I used black lacquer to paint the latches, because when the surface is properly prepared, lacquer dries hard and is durable.
Below is the end result. The case itself resembles many of Conn's horn cases in the way it is constructed.