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Shown below are musical instruments and equipment in "My Personal Collection". I don't buy guitars as frequently as I once did (slowed down on the buying in late 2009). I love to play, and I am always seeking a better-sounding guitar--not necessarily higher priced--just better sounding.
Sometimes I look for vintage guitars, or fixer uppers, or just nice and sometimes under-rated guitars. Sometimes I run across a nice name brand for a good price. I sometimes buy one with the intent to keep it. I also frequently decide to sell one or more after I've owned it for awhile and have tried it out. Using that methodology, I've acquired a few that I probably will always keep. I occasionally sell one on eBay©. I do also occasionally acquire one specifically for resale (after fixing it up nicely). I have not included a picture here for guitars I bought just to fix up and sell, because this page is for the ones that I bought, intending to keep.
The guitars that meet my current "need" are shown below in general order of the most recently acquired.

Acquired in trade. I gave my Conn F-27 to Tet Reynolds and took this in trade. She got a MUCH nicer guitar (she's serious about learning), and I got one to give away. This time, I'm giving this to Marty's Barber Shop in Kentland, IN. Marty is a great barber and person. I've stopped in there a few times and gotten a hair cut. He treats me like a long-time customer. The shop is not a plain-looking barber shop. He has been creative and made it an interesting place to be if you happen to be show up when someone else is in the chair. Marty's dad (deceased) was an amazing hobbyist with wood. He has made functioning models of heavy earth moving equipment, and those are in Marty's shop. Also, Marty is an avid hunter, and has trophies (mounted) in his shop. I told him last year that the only thing missing was a guitar hanging on the wall for people to play, while they wait.. So this one is going to him, next trip up that way--along with a "String Swing" wall hanger to hang it on the wall. This should probably already be on my "Former Instruments" page, because it is already committed.
Acquired September 2016 from SGW.  This is one of the basic G models--which are considered intermediate. I gave away my last classical, and have kind of wanted one ever since. This one fills that void.
Acquired first in August 2012. Had it for 2 years, then sent to a guy in California, summer 2014. He had it for a year, and sent it back to me in October 2015. I really missed this guitar. It, along with my Yamaha 12-string, is my favorite guitar. It is the best sounding acoustic I've ever owned.

Acquired on October 23, 2013.  Nippon Gakki Red Label, high-end solid wood acoustic. Made in 1972, this instrument was one of the high-end imports from Japan--featuring Brazilian rosewood lookalike Jacaranda sides and back, and a spruce top. This guitar was acquired in trade for work done on another of the same model.


Acquired from 6-Strings Down (Plainfield) in a trade. It has an ash body with maple and walnut neck through. I put D'Addario ECB81 Chrome flat-wound strings on it. It is smooth.

Acquired in a trade. This is the one I use to play gospel and bluegrass at two nursing homes in Plainfield and Brownsburg. I have replaced the original strings with D'Addario ECB81 Chrome Flat-Wound strings.


I bought this from R&R Music Central. It is all laminate mahogany, acoustic-electric. I had sought to own a bass ukulele for some time. This one was in a price range that was affordable, so I took the plunge.

I bought this on eBay in July 2016. The company apparently is new--having introduced their lineup in February 2016.  This ukulele is well made, and has superior tone quality. All laminated sapele, with sapele neck and rosewood fretboard and bridge. Sealed gear tuners. Very nice.

I acquired this Appalachian (Lap) Dulcimer in November of 2007. It was obviously hand-made (probably from a kit), and features a laminated cherry top, laminated walnut back and sides, and a solid walnut fretboard. It has no brand name associated with it, but I have re-strung it, and am learning to play it. It seems to be a fairly decent instrument, but the person who assembled it made some mistakes, that make it not an ideal dulcimer--but gave it unique character. It sounded quite nice, but the finish left a lot to be desired, and the frets needed levelling. I refinished it in July of 2009, and installed new frets. It came out quite nice...I fixed all the 'mistakes' and finished it all over in about 5 coats of lacquer. I replaced the nut and saddle, and the pins that hold the strings at the tail.  I learned enough to make up some of my own music, and I do have a lot of fun with it. The second fret has raised, and needs to be re-seated, but this instrument sounds great. I need to put a recent photo on here. I will do that soon, since I just pulled it out 11/3/2015 and decided to a) take new photos, and b) change the strings, and c) fix the raised fret.

Acquired in March 2016. I had sold my Crate CA30D, and kind of regretted it. However, I find this one to be quite loud for a small (15 Watt Output) amp--more than adequate for my needs, and much simpler than the CA30D. I removed the integrated power cord, and put a socket on the back.
Acquired March 2016. I found myself in a situation where I was frequently having to test electric or acoustic guitars on my 100W bass amp. This was rather inconvenient. I used to have a Pignose 5W amp, but gave it to Shane Hampton. I also had a 15W Fender amp, but sold it. So I needed a small amp I could sit on my workbench. The Honeytone was perfect! It was only $24 and is about 6" x 6" x 3". So I can leave it sitting on my workbench while working on guitars, then test them afterward using this small amp. I bought the aqua color for fun.
Acquired July-2015 from Kingston's Music Showcase. This amp is similar to the MB115-II that I owned. I traded the MB115 to Kingston's for this one (even trade) because I needed easier mobility but the same power in a smaller package. This one is only about 17hx15wx14.5d, and at 30 Lbs. is easy to transport, yet still features 200 Watts output, through a single 10" speaker. Great Amp.