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De-Stem Grapes
Remove Grapes from Stems:
To do this easily view the following video. I devised this method in 1985 while living in Arizona. We picked grapes at a vineyard to use at home for making our own grapes and for generally eating. We had a LOT OF GRAPES (about 10 lbs). We needed a fast and easy way to de-stem the grapes without bruising them. This is an easy way to remove most fresh grapes from their stems.
  • Clean your sink, and place the strainer in the bottom so that it allows water to drain, but does now allow anything to go down the drain.
  • Pull off of a small stem containing 20 or so grapes from the main bunch.
  • Rub the grapes between your palms to extract them from the vine.
    • Note: As grapes grow older they tend to fall off much easier, but they tend to take the stem with them as they fall into the sink.
  • Discard the empty stem, and remove the grapes from the sink. See video below.