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Epiphone Hummingbird "Jezebel" - Broken Neck

This was a clean break. The guitar belongs to Patrick and Jen--of the band Veseria. Patrick named this girl "Jezebel".  The break was fairly clean but a large piece of the front finish was missing. This created a need to color the area black to match the rest of the face plate, and then fill it in and finish it back down. I got this repair on 11/8, and started it that day. Below you can see progress photos--with "before" photos first, then followed by "In Progress" photos, then "After" photos.


11/8/2014 - AS RECEIVED

As you can see from the above photo, the break is all the way through, and is fairly clean. Not readily visible at this point was the missing finish on the face of the guitar.


11/8/2014 (Late in Day 11:55pm) - I initially cleaned out the loose wood splinters, then applied glue, and clamped. Here you can see that I wanted to assure a good fit, so more clamps is better.

11/9/2014 (am) - Clamps removed, shows the joint is back together and secure. Evidence of the original break can be easily seen.

11/9/2014 (am) - Another photo from a different angle showing the break area.

11/9/2014 (am) - From the front you can see the area I mentioned where a large piece of the faceplate exterior finish is missing. This will need to be filled in.

11/9/2014 (am) - Another view of the faceplate finish. Nut and tuners are in the bag behind the guitar (top left corner of photo) to facilitate better repair.

11/9/2014 - After sanding, the break line appears less prominent. It is hoped that the break line will be less noticeable.

 11/9/2014 - The face plate is now tinted black, and the filling has been put in place. After curing, work continues.

11/9/2014 (Late Day 11 pm) - Retouched with a reddish tint and first two coats of wipe-on polyurethane, the neck is smooth to the touch, and will be unobtrusive when played. 


11/9/2014 (Late Day 11pm) - Fill on the faceplate where the finish was missing is sanded down, and a coat of wipe-on polyurethane applied. Target finish date Saturday 11/15/2014.

11/10/2014 - This is going to be one of those jobs where it is going to be pretty evident that the neck's been repaired. It is now painted. I'm going to let it cure for a week. Then 1000-grit sanding, and buffing. Green masking shown prevents polyurethane from getting into truss rod area and onto the fretboard.


11/10/2014 - Final coat of polyurethane on the neck repair. Next Saturday AM (11/15), I'll be re-installing the tuners, and stringing it up. It will show evidence of a break, but it will be playable. Target finish date is 11/15/2014.



11-15-2014 - I arrived home after a week-long trip to Northeast Ohio. I wet-sanded the faceplate and back with 1500 grit, and then buffed it, and reassembled the tuning machines onto the headstock. The repair seam looks better now.  Still, this is always the most stressful part of any headstock repair. Although I have NEVER had one let loose after restringing, there may come a first time. Is this one it?

11-15-2014 - After being strung for about 6 hours, Jezebel sits in her case ready for Jen to come pick her up, and is still in tune. That says the repair is stable. Jen showed up later in the evening, and was happy with the repair.