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Fender Jazz-Bass Case Alteration
NovemberĀ 2015
This case, average retail $160, was purchased for $35. It was a return from a customer to a major music store (Sweetwater Music). The previous owner returned it because it had a small divot in the top. It was barely noticeable, but I understand his point...a new case should be immaculate. However, for $35 it was basically still a brand new case. But it was purchased for a Fender Jaguar. The Jaguar has a shallower cutaway in the lower horn. So the Jag would not fit in this case. I was able to rework this case to fit the Jag like a glove. This alteration for $35.

Here you can BARELY see where the horn cutout was, formerly. It is slightly lighter in this photo, because the glue was still wet. After drying, it was impossible to tell that this was ever made for anything but the Jag.

The fit was exceptional.

The body shape of the Jag pushes the neck out a bit longer than the Jazz bass. So I simply took a spreader clamp, and a crescent shaped piece of wood, and compressed a depression in the foam beneath the plush lining. This stayed permanently and provided just the right amount of relief for the fit likeĀ a glove.

Do you have a case that doesn't quite fit your instrument? Maybe supports can be added, or the case can be slightly altered to fit better. Consider the satisfaction of a nice fitting case for your instrument, and the cost to do this is probably not what you'd imagine. Estimates are free, so let's talk.