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Framus 5/68 Archtop Restoration
This guitar was bought brand new in 1962 by Dan. Dan's guitar fell into disrepair. Some parts broken, some missing, some bent. Although this is not a total restoration (no refinishing), it was quite a bit of work and, after finished, was striking in appearance.
AS RECEIVED 04-16-2014

4-15-2014 Photo taken at Kingston's Music Showcase--a music boutique in Carmel IN. What cannot be seen is the multiple dings scratches, dents and the neck--which seems about to fall off. 

4-15-2014 The body is in oval good condition, but dirty. There seems to be a film on it. It is more noticeable on the pickguard and the chrome parts.

4-15-2014 Headstock of the guitar shows the film, and the truss-rod adjustment cover is also dirty and corroded. You can see that three of the pegs are also missing.

4-15-2014 The fretboard has a film on it as well. But the mother of pearl inserts are beautiful. Scraping the fretboard will remove most grooving and allow the beauty of the rosewood to show.

4-15-2014 Here you can see the pickup--integrated in the pick-guard.

4-15-2014 The tail piece shows evidence of some side impact. This is such a unique tailpiece--typical of Framus. This will be straightened.

4-15-2014 In the crown of the cutaway, you can see that the guitar has had impact damage. This is a difficult repair because, as you can see from the first and second photos, the guitar only has access through F-holes.

4-15-2014  Again, you can see here that the pegs are missing from three of the string winders. The tuners are vintage and will be impossible to find parts for. Therefore, they will be replaced.

4-15-2014 A closer look at the pick-guard shows the film that is on it. I cleaned a small area in the lower left. It will look good when finished. Electronics are built in and will be refurbished.

4-15-2014 Unfortunately the neck is broken in two here. It is somewhat blurry here, but it is all the way through and it gaps pretty big (about 1/32"). The heel is secure, but the neck is not.

COMPLETED 6-2-2014
I committed to have this completed by the first of June. Today I put strings on, tuned it to pitch, and set the action and intonation. The guitar plays very nicely. Dan, the owner, is out of the area until the 10th. I am pretty excited to show it to him when he returns.