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Here I have included some information about learning to play instruments. The focus here is primarily guitar, dulcimer, and mandolin.

In the left column are some lessons found on YouTube. These are provided without cost and are imbedded on my site by imbedding code provided by, and permission granted by the originators on YouTube. In the right column are links to other resources that I have found most useful in my pursuit of excellence on guitar, mandolin, and dulcimer. Happy playing.

PS: Want to see someone who really plays well? It can be your inspiration or your goal. CLICK HERE



An excellent source of learning and videos is

The video below is simply called "Finger Picking Lesson #2". I'm not sure of the teacher's name, but believe it to be Mark Wein.

In the excellent below video from YouTube, titled "Perfect 1st Lesson" Jamie Andreas teaches three important skills that apply to both the beginner or to the advanced player. Her method is groundbreaking in that it exposes some difficulties that some veteran players may have struggled with and never realized. It lets beginners know how to avoid those same pitfalls. It is a lesson for all skill levels. I'm proud to have this link on my site.

Below is a video of how to play DUST IN THE WIND by the rock group Kansas. The artist playing this on YouTube goes by the name "blowa" on YouTube.

This next video below is by Bobby Crispy. The song is the lead-in part to the Led Zeppelin song Stairway to Heaven. Note: In this video, you have to sit through an ad first, but it is worth it to see the video.

This next video is an instructional video on how to play the intro to "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Synyrd.


Mr. Kent Murdock presents a 13-series video lesson for the classical guitar. Kent, who--much like me--has a "day job"; a different career than guitar. But Kent still promotes music and guitar. His "day job" is that of an instructor of mathematics at the University of South Alabama. However, he also presents here a great series for the beginner in Classical Guitar. Kent uses the name "Lutemann" for his YouTube I.D. All of his uploaded videos are enlightening.

Click on the below picture of a classical guitar to open a new window into Kent's classical guitar YouTube lessons (13 of them as of April 2010).