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1995 Oscar Schmidt OF2 - Tuning Machines and Bridge Saddle Replacement, Truss Rod Adjustment, and Action Set

This Oscar Schmidt OF2 had unique tuning machines in that they were similar in styling to classical tuners, (three tuners on a strip). But an interesting additional problem was that the tuning pegs protruded through the headstock through non-standard bushings--and one was missing. Complicating matters was that the tuning machines were not conventional 1.375" spacing, but were instead 1.425" spacing. The original tuners were "3-On Plate" or three tuning machines mounted on a strip. They also were open-gear. Compicating matters further was the fact that the peg holes drilled in the headstock were an unconventional .415" diameter--unlike the standard bushing size of .375 (10mm).  I phoned Oscar Schmidt factory and requested the replacement parts. Ironically, someone had purchased the last set of bushings and tuners they had in stock a week before. Undaunted, I undertook building up the bushing holes and installed the nice steel 3/8" bushings, then put on Ping model P2642 covered tuners. This left four screw holes visible from the former tuners, (these could have been "hidden") but since they had no effect on the guitar and would have increased the cost of repair, they were left as is. The bridge saddle was fractured, so I replaced it with Tusq--and adjusted the truss rod to remove a slight concave shape in the fretboard, then adjusted the action low to about 1/64" at the 3rd fret and 1/8" at the 12th fret. I then tuned it up and it sounded like a dream. The owner in Scottsdale, Arizona was very pleased with this guitar.