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This page contains minimal information. Dave F. is setting up a Yamaha site. He has a passion for the guitars, and had accumulated a lot of information about them. So he and I have come to an agreement, and I will be giving all of my accumulated information to him. When his site is up and running, I will post a link here. It will be by far the most comprehensive, complementing the one that is run by Mr. Leffers (click here).
I am a huge fan of Yamaha guitars. This company has been in business since the late 1800's. The Yamaha brand has not been owned by 3-4 other companies as have many well-known brands that no longer bear any resemblance to the original founder's purpose and goals. No, Yamaha is and always has been owned by Yamaha exclusively. I have worked on many Yamahas, and I can only summarize based on my first-hand experience "they don't make no junk"!  Every instrument I've picked up that bears this company's name, has been a well-made, great sounding instrument, regardless of price.
This is a limited information page, mainly created just to share some research I've done on the Yamaha FG series. Yamaha has several series including but not limited to AE, AP, APX, C, CG, G, etc.  One of these series--one that accounts for a large number of steel-string models manufactured, is the FG series.
I am not a Yamaha expert (I'm not an expert at anything). However, I have done about 3-4 years of research on the brand. One major source is the book "The History of Yamaha Guitars", which I own. But also, there are resources (see "Yamaha Links" below) that have much more information than is listed here. The attached stats sheet is my own work. It may be copied and used for personal use by those who are seeking information on Yamaha FG series guitars. The spreadsheet may not be copied and reposted on any other web site, or otherwise offered for sale.
View the FG-Series Construction Stats by clicking the logo at right.:

Yamaha History - An Official Yamaha Site
Yamaha Guitar Archive (Guitarchive) - An Official Yamaha Site
Yamaha USA Guitar Web Site - An Official Yamaha Site
Yamaha Serial Number Wizard - An Official Yamaha Site
The History of Yamaha Guitars - Book Resource on
Leon Lemmer's Vintage Yamaha Guitar Site - Third Party Site (Netherlands) - EXCELLENT RESOURCE

This section is by no means exhaustive. That is to say, it does not include all rare FG-series guitars, but is simply a gathering of some of the more rare FG-series Yamaha's that I have run across, or that owners have sent photos of.
FG300 - Alex Robinson - Not your conventional or otherwise well-known FG300
FG300N - Frank Krul - Rare solid top FG300
FG480-1 - Jerry Cardin -- Rare FG-series made in Yamaha's Taiwan factory 
FG580 - Phil Holzbauer - A model not found in any literature about 70s Yamahas made in Japan.
FG1500 - eBay Listing - Japan custom shop made several 70's models including this one. All solid woods.