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Yamaha 1970's Factory Case
Fits FG300 Nippon Gakki Red Label 6-String
March 2015
Yamaha exported the renowned FG series of red label Nippon Gakki guitars from 1969 thru the late 70's.
The higher end ones came in Yamaha original plush-lined cases like this one.

AS RECEIVED 10/1/2013 (Unpacked 10/23/2013)
The photos below show the case as it looked when I received it. I didn't really take any photos of this guitar case before January 2014,
because the guitar that came in it was a higher priority, and was a restoration. So the case sat untouched until January. In January, 
I took photos to show the condition. As advertised, the owner bought it with the understanding that it needed a handle. However, it needed much more, so the owner bought a new case. He said I could keep this one. I figured I could restore it later. In about May of the same year (2015) the same owner sent a vintage guitar from this same era and requested that I do some tweaks on it, and sell it on eBay for him for a percent of the profit. I did fix it up, but I sold it with this case--to increase its attractiveness to potential buyers. I am convinced that the guitar sale brought a much higher price because of the nice original case that it came in.  
I began the case work in March 2015.

ABOVE 01: Separation of the top from the side begins up near where

the headstock will lay.

ABOVE 02: Moving down near the handle, the separation is more

 severe--completely apart. There is also a tear in the cover.

ABOVE 03: A closeup reveals how severe the separation is. You

can see the gold lining inside the case.

ABOVE 04: Just above the handle, the separation of top and side is

completely open.

ABOVE 05: Near the bottom, the case is separated, but transitions

to joined just above right.

ABOVE 06: The handle is missing, as is the post that holds it in.

This may look bad, but is not in reality.

The most difficult part will be finding the handle stub (or making one).

ABOVE 07: Paint and dirt cover the outer case covering. This will be

cleaned and buffed.

ABOVE 08: The plush lining is worn where the guitar neck sits. The exposed

wood is a hazard to the guitar (scratching).

ABOVE 09: Close-up of the bare and worn lining as shown in photo 08.





ABOVE: All the breaks, splits, tears etc on the outer of the case have been repaired.

 Restoration can be particularly valuable on a vintage case that is well made. 




Having the original case for a vintage instrument can make a huge difference in the sale price of a vintage guitar. 


ABOVE: As you can see the inside has been cleaned and some of the frayed plush has been replaced.

ABOVE: The handle was replaced with a handle salvaged from another vintage Yamaha case. It is nicely made and is a good match for this vintage case.